Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Joseph Nicephore Niepce

The camera was unreal by Joseph Nicephore Niepce, a retired French officer, United Nations agency created the world’s initial true photograph of a scene. The camera was unreal in 1826 in St-Loup-de-Varennes, France.

Niepce’s camera 'Obscura' consisted of 2 wood boxes, one carrying a lens and also the alternative a ground-glass screen. Boxes were connected by bellows the space between the lend and screen can be varied. conjointly he unreal AN stop that can be adjusted to vary the scale of the aperture and so sharpen the image. conjointly by employing a sheet of paper that had been hyper-sensitized with chloride because the negative.

   A single lens reflex camera

The invention of the camera has developed dramatically over the years. Such development square measure creating the camera moveable (developed initial by Friedrich Risner, German mathematician), improvement within the films, electronic flash (invented in 1931 by Harold E Edgeron, Yankee photographer), color photograph(taken in 1861 by English lens-man Tomas Sutton, conjointly unreal the single-lens reflex camera) and plenty of a lot of. 
A modern 35mm zoom camera

Now Present  days, camera has been improved such a lot that's moveable, colour, zoom and plenty of a lot of capability and conjointly it had disagree greatly in sizes yet.

Without the event of the camera, we'd not be ready to take images of the past and images for America to recollect from. while not it we have a tendency to couldn't be ready to accurately record what is going on within the past. conjointly the event of the still image camera LED to the event of the many alternative things like motion footage.

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