Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Ultrasound Invention

Ultrasound was fabricated by nation Dr. Ian Donald in 1957 1st tested & one year later, was used on a pregnant lady.

As technologies improve over the years, therefore has the ultrasound device. however the fundamental idea remains a similar. it's let to the event of different helpful instrument like the device CAVITRON (created in 1980) that destroys neoplasm.

During the globe War a pair of , there have been several analysis of radiolocation & echo sounder that semiconductor diode to the event of the ultrasound device.

Sound waves of terribly high frequencies will simply and harmlessly penetrate human flesh. As a waves entering to the body, they encounter totally different materials like the bone and internal organs. These materials cause the waves to mirror back to the supply. as a result of the waves mirror back otherwise, Dr. will determine the sort of tissue by the character of the reflection.

Without the invention of the ultrasound device, doctors wouldn’t be able to read the vertebrate of a girl and even see internal organs and bones that would if truth be told save lives or facilitate forestall damages. conjointly it's semiconductor diode to several nice inventions that's conjointly an excellent facilitate to humanity.

Ultrasound Overview

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