Monday, 17 June 2013

Elisha Graves Otis

The Elevator Breaker

Elisha Graves Otis did not very invent the elevator, however he made-up one thing that's far more necessary, the elevator brake!

In 1845 he touched to Albany, ny and made-up a railway safety brake. In 1852 he touched once more and he was moon-faced with the matter of the protection of hoists. though hoists were positively not new, Otis' creative nature told him that a braking system was required to boost their poor safety record. His answer was a steel wagon spring that would mesh with a ratchet, thus if the rope skint the spring would hold the elevator.

In 1854 Otis incontestible his new elevator in ny to an oversized audience. He had somebody track the rope holding the elevator up. The elevator, to the surprise of the gang did not move an in.. Otis ne'er new that his invention would fuel a race for the worlds tallest buildings.

elisha graves otis

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