Friday, 14 June 2013


Maglev Technology

Maglev could be a abundant talked regarding technology that uses the straightforward theory of physics that opposite poles of magnets repel. magnetic levitation vehicles use superconductive magnets to propel and support a train on top of a track. Trains is created to travel very quick on these tracks as a result of the train does not get contact with the track, thus there's no friction, and also the main barrier to even higher speeds is air resistance. Trials began on a magnetic levitation train track in Japan within the 70's and a speed of 500kph has been earned. The train is levitated by electromagnets and forward thrust is provided by linear motors aboard the cars. a little low power magnetic levitation system is in use at Birmingham field, England. In Osaka, Japan there's a subway line that uses magnetic levitation carriages.

Maglev Train.

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