Friday, 7 June 2013

Levi Strauss

Inventor of Jeans,

There is no piece of consumer goods additional yank than blue jeans, that were fancied by Matthew Strauss. In 1853 he left new york to travel to San Francisco, hoping to take advantage on the gold rush. He opened a dry merchandise store that oversubscribed provides to miners, likewise as linens. In 1872 Matthew received a letter from a Nevada tailor. Davis was one among Strauss’ regular customers. In his letter, Davis told concerning the method he created pants for his customers, he placed (adjust) metal rivets at the points of strain-pocket corners and also the base of the fly. He didn’t have the cash to patent the method therefore he urged that Matthew get hold of the work which they cast off the patent along. The patent was granted on might twentieth 1873 and also the initial blue jeans were born. The blue jeans fancied by Matthew Strauss became in style internationally associated an icon of America.

   Jeans inventions.

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